Company Profile:
Kozlu Food Co. is a family business company involved in production of wheat flour, chicken eggs and animal feed. The company began its operations in 1954 from a flour mill in Amasya / Turkey, which had a capacity of 16 tons per day. Today, the capacity of the flour mills has reached 2,000 tons/day. Kozlu produces various types of wheat flour for both general use - at home, for example - and for special purposes, for which the company provides its B2B customers such as bakeries and producers of baklava and other pastries. In the area of animal feed, Kozlu produces poultry feed to his own chickens, as well as the provision of other poultry enterprises, while also produce feed for cattle and sheep, procurement domestic customers and international customers. Our poultry farm produces about 800,000 eggs per day, which are distributed in the country and abroad. We present the best quality products with high tech machineries in our modern facilities in Suluova / Amasya / Turkey.

Related Companies, Brands:
Kozlu Gida, Misun, Elik Flour, Gulum Flour, Kozlu Egg, Kozlu Feed, Osmanlı Egg

Countries Export to:
Iraq, Venezuela, Benin, Cibuti, Somali, Madagaskar

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Established Date: 1954  Tax Office: Kızılbey  Tax Number: 5820304901  Staff Count: 501-1000  Export Specialist: Muhammet ATAY